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SpecificationMinimum valueThumbnails? 
18357CAEC AF-1 Volumetric Additive FeederModel:: AF-1
80909Maguire MCF-4-34 ControllerModel:: MCF-4-34
I3664Plastrac GF-402 Gravimetric BlenderModel:: GF402 
I4164AEC "Optimum Series" OS-007-4 BlenderModel:: OS-007-4
U4052AEC Whitlock OS-014-2 BlenderModel:: OS-014-2
I4798Conair WSB420CF BlenderModel:: WSB420CF
81024Motan Gravicolor 60 Gravimetric BlenderModel:: Gravicolor 60
Type:: Gravimetric
Capacity:: up to 200 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 4
80838Conair WSB-100 4 Component BlenderModel:: WSB-100
Capacity:: 350-475
Compartments:: 4
80839Conair GB-140 4 Component BlenderModel:: GB-140
Capacity:: 350-475 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 4
80985Maguire 140R Weigh Scale BlenderModel:: 140-R
Capacity:: approx. 450 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 4
80770Conair Franklin WSB220-CF BlenderModel:: WSB220-CF
Capacity:: up to 900 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 2
80959Maguire WSB-431 Gravimetric BlenderModel:: WSB-531
Type:: Gravimetric
Capacity:: 1450 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 2
I5002Maguire WSB 400 Series 3 Comp. BlenderModel:: 400 Series
Capacity:: up to 1450 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 3
80974Conair TB900 4 Component BlenderModel:: TB900
Capacity:: 1500 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 4
80975Maguire 6 Component Gravimetric BlenderModel:: WSB960
Capacity:: up to 2360 lbs/hr
Compartments:: 6 (1 blocked)
19215READCO 6000 LB. RIBBON BLENDER & Dumper

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