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Archive for September, 2014

We Keep Losing Our Keys!!

Posted by Tom Hayes

A while back we announced that we would be having another open house to showcase our new line of Borche injection molding machines. We were ramping up setting up promotional giveaways, catering and all the great things you’d expect from an open house. Jon had the showroom looking great with  a 66 Ton, 88 ton, 132 ton, 165 ton, 440 ton and even a 715 ton Borche molder. All were lined up neatly and shining proudly. So what’s the holdup you might ask?? Well, frankly, we can’t seem to keep the machines on our floor long enough to have our open house, in fact we’re having a hard time getting them to sit  on our floor for any length of time at all. We are actually having to bypass our showroom and have some orders sent directly from the manufacturer to our customers. Borche’s quality speaks for itself, as there are Borche molders that have been in place and running smoothly for more than 10 years. Also Borche uses components that are readily available  in their North American warehouse and/or compatible with locally available parts such as Vickers ,Rexroth, ABB, and Schneider. To top it all off, North American service and support, and unbeatable pricing when comparing machines of like quality, are the challenges we face when trying to keep these beautiful molders on our floor for your inspection. Hey, we’re not complaining about having a line of equipment that practically sells itself, we’re just hoping to have the opportunity to meet you in person and show you what we can do for you!