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Ramping Up The Industry.

Posted by Tom Hayes

How’s business? Are you going like gang busters?

Chances are that even if you are busy, you’re worried about what is around the corner. Sales have been down for our industry so far this year. That is usually a reflection of how things are going in the manufacturing world. Often times the news will say a “depression” or “recession” is coming or upon us, and it turns out to be a self fulfilling profecy. People hear that and start tightening their purse strings. The resulting condition causes less consumer spending which inturn translates to lower production needs. When people aren’t buying, we work less, which means we also buy less. It’s a viscious circle. What can you do? Well, for starters, you can check out some gently used equipment to replace your worn out equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. You may also want to check out some alternate sources for new equipment. We realize everyone wants to buy american, but unfortunately not much of our equipment is really made here anymore. We have some alternate options like Borche molding machines, Shini Dryers, and many more. Think of Nationwide UPM first for all your manufaturing and auxiliary needs!